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from like 5 years ago that just got uploaded also Star Syndicate is back for a while but I probably missed the boat and they're probably gone agian already and also did I mention that maybe falcon176 might make some new bad flash movies for you to masturbate to? stay tuned.


You should post on this shit

2012-01-25 14:53:28 by falcon176

what's up

About dimension jumping kangaroos

Ancient Chinese Storytime 8?

2011-01-31 15:25:26 by falcon176

Oh yes


2011-01-26 01:48:32 by falcon176

I've actually never seen an episode of Sanford and Son

New flash about parrots

2010-12-12 15:49:24 by falcon176


Art Gamez

2010-12-02 23:16:10 by falcon176

There have been 3 artsy type games on the front page, the more recent one is "One Chance" and it's actually got effort in it. The other two are "Have Faith" which is a really shitty maze game and the other one is "Why this?" which is an even shittier game, so here's what I'm proposing. I need a programmer who can barely make a game and we'll team up and make an artsy game, because I can write some bullshit that stupid people will think is deep, and apparently the game wrapped around the pseudo depth of the story can be really shitty and it'll be fine because when people think they get it they'll give it a 10 and write a review that says "holy shit I can't believe I found out the reason I'm the only one" and there will be about 80 of those reviews, hopefully canceling out the other reviews that are "what the fuck is this shit" and "holy shit this is the worst game i ever played" and the fewer "this game is just some random bullshit (with reference to Waiting for Godot of course) but we'll just mark all those reviews as abusive and hopefully average around a 6 or 7 review score and a 1-2 game score and win underdog of the week.
The only problem is you have to get somebody to front page it so that's where the experimental music comes in. The music is for tricking people's brains to thinking "hey this music is weird, therefore this game is deep" and it obviously works, we'll get some crap out of the audio portal or something.

holy shit

2010-10-08 21:01:29 by falcon176

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holy shit

New flash about Roman History

2010-08-28 18:49:09 by falcon176

Holy shit